About CloudBuy

cloudBuy provides end-to-end secure solutions for buyers and sellers and brings them together to trade via e-marketplaces and private purchasing portals.

All cloudBuy’s solutions are built on the secure cloudBuy platform which meets the highest security standard used by banks and credit card companies (PCI-DSS Level 1).

CloudBuy Solutions Include:

  • e-commerce Marketplaces – bring buyers and sellers together to trade online
  • e-commerce Websites – choose from a range of website packages from simple templated solutions to complex intranets and global B2B e-commerce sites
  • Purchasing Portals and Spend Insight – bring procurement under control and reduce spend

Over time, cloudBuy has taken e-commerce vision around the world, supporting customers in many industries and countries.

A selection of cloudBuy e-commerce projects include:

  • Purchasing Portals for schools boards in the USA and Canada
  • Health and social care e-marketplaces in the UK working with the UK National Health Service
  • e-commerce websites and intranets for organizations such as:
  • InvestNI – which encourages inward investment to Northern Ireland
  • AbDSerotec – sales of antibodies to the research sector
  • Historic England – sales of historic books and images
  • A UK government agency intranet
  • National e-marketplaces including:
  • a marketplace with the Confederation of Indian Industry to encourage trade with and within India
  • a marketplace with ASME to encourage trade with and within Singapore
  • Partnerships with Visa AP and a number of their partner banks around the world.

For more information about cloudBuy, please visit: