About Us

About Us

Advanced Systems & Technologies Company or AST is a strategic IT company, operates from Middle East, playing a proactive role in the accelerated growth of the IT Industry in the region. AST focused on providing a complete and diverse line of corporate business solutions and services to many vertical industries to improve and extend their business processes and exchange of business-critical information.

Since 1997, AST has been providing excellent enterprise level Solution and Services packages with an unequaled depth of experience, in business critical areas such as; Enterprise Innovation Management, Business Process Automation & Management, Data Capture, Business Process Excellence, e-Signature, iStatement, Service Request Management (SRM) Solutions, Smart Mobile Business Messaging Solutions, etc… Our solutions and services improves our clients’ customer engagement by providing end users with more compelling experience which can be extended outside the organization to customers, partners, and citizens.

Our Approach:

Improve customer satisfaction, Speed time to market, securely extend the value of investments. Our solutions let you extend and enhance your legacy and core business systems to easily, and more securely, interact with businesses, employees, and other government and non-government agencies.

It’s a fact that organizations face a mounting list of competitive and regulatory pressures. Beyond meeting stringent and dynamic customer demands, organizations operate in what is arguably today’s most tightly regulated market. Using our solutions and services, an organization can increase its competitive edge by transforming inefficient transaction-based processes into highly efficient interactive workflows.

We help our Customers by providing them professional, engaging, and highly customer-oriented solutions that leads to optimize and increase the efficiency of day-to-day and mission-critical business activities & tastes Management.


Our Consulting team uses field-level developed methodologies that result in reduced risk to the customer, consistent quality of services, more efficient engagements and repeatable solutions. We consider our customer as our business partner and helping them to target the ROI with technology, such process includes;

  • Develop a Solution that is fit for purpose and not over complicated.
  • Keep focused on the long term partnership with the client and not short term wins.
  • Demonstrate a clear route to a return on investment and provide value for money.
  • Develop a detailed understanding of the clients business and the issues faced.
  • Open new markets, increase revenue and customer service for the client.
  • Reduce costs and waste within the clients’ business.