Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Our employees are the most important corporate asset of AST. They form the core of our corporate culture as one family of AST, that builds on mutual respect and fairness. We create an environment that promotes motivation, allows development and values individuals’ skills.

Our Vision, Mission, Environment and Ethics are the cultural references for bringing a specific focus to the conduct of our activities. They reflect the energy of AST that has solid foundations as it faces the challenges of a rapidly changing business environment. We have good working relationships with major IT Solution providers in Europe, UK, USA such as KOFAX, Adobe, Softpro, Hype, PlanView, OpenText etc., and Solution Developers in Turkey, India, Pakistan etc., whom we have signed agreements to work together in Middles East and North Africa.


Our corporate vision is "Enabling Business Excellence” that is achieved through an enterprise creativity. And our goal is to be recognized as one of the leading IT Solution provider in the region. This vision and goal has helped us to develop new enterprise business solutions and caters variety of market segments.


The mission is to provide quality enterprise Systems, Solutions, Services, and enhancement practices using the best in its class practical technologies to our customers with a sense of partnership.


We work together as one team and share our knowledge across hierarchies, functions and businesses. We encourage individual and team development, foster expertise and reward success. Best practice examples of how we live our teamwork approach are our internal, interdisciplinary teams put together for projects, co-operations and negotiations.

We build on the commitment, innovation and energy of our people and see a good balance between work and private life as an important key to corporate success and job satisfaction. Our efforts to help our employees find this balance include offers such as, provide them finance options to own their favorite car or a house, medical care, flexible working times and family support services etc.


We earn the trust of others by consistent honesty, truthfulness and acting responsibly. We adhere to the highest standards of ethics, social responsibility, personal integrity and safety.

Our "Code of Conduct" incorporates our high ethical standards and provides day-to-day guidance and a point of reference for all employees. We continue to embed these standards in our business environment, providing a foundation for our relationships with all our stakeholders. We treat everybody in the corporation with honesty, openness, fairness and dignity based on the leadership principles. We communicate wrongdoing, doubtful practices, risks, and deviations from policies, procedures, and planned time schedules.