Electronic Signature Management

Electronic Signature Management

Documents and forms in electronic formats are a very common practice in today’s business environment to reduce paper consumption and enforce Green Environment initiatives.

A dynamic signature captured and embedded with SignDoc looks identical in all respects to a person’s original wet ink signature. However, it is much more than just an electronic image. The signature contains biometric information about how the signature was signed such as speed, patterns, habits, and pressure of pen strokes. These characteristics represent a biometric footprint which is unique to every individual and cannot be reproduced by a forger. Unlike other biometric technologies such as fingerprints, facial scan, or iris scan, a dynamic signature is more accessible and accepted because it is non-intrusive and does not convey a sense of criminality.

The e-Sign is more secured than paper.

Once a dynamic signature has been inserted into a document, the document is sealed and can no longer be altered without first removing the authorizing signature. In this way, security against post-signing manipulation is guaranteed. SignDoc does not lock the document against unintended document changes. However it always keeps a record of the content status of documents, in other words: SignDoc always can display which signature was applied at a certain point in time and which document status was present at the time of signing.

Why e-Signing?

  • Outstanding performance and robustness
  • Clean and efficient user interfaces
  • Broad choice for seamless integration into your workflow
  • Compliant to standards
  • Excellent Value-for-money ratio

End-to-End Electronic Signature Management:

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