Kofax Mobile Capture


Kofax Mobile Capture™ dramatically transforms and simplifies the business critical First Mile™ of real time, information intensive customer interactions. With Kofax Mobile Capture, users can capture documents, photos, and data directly on their Android smartphones and tablets and deliver the information to core business systems, processes or workflows so organizations can significantly increase their responsiveness to customers, provide a higher level of service, gain competitive advantage and better manage and grow their businesses while also greatly reducing operating costs. Capturing this information at the Point of Origination™ and delivering it to enterprise applications accelerates processes and reduces processing costs for better customer service. These new capabilities extend the investment in existing capture processes directly to Android devices.

Kofax Mobile Capture can be easily customized, personalized and rebranded for your specific use cases with Kofax Mobile Capture SDK significantly reducing the development cost and time to deploy your mobile capture app.

Leveraging Kofax patented VRS® image perfection technology directly on the device, documents and content are captured completely and file sizes are optimized reducing transfer times and data plan costs.

For demonstration and evaluation purposes, Kofax provides three example processes out of the box with Kofax Mobile Capture™: Business Cards, Receipts, and Documents. These are additional to any enterprise processes you would make available to your users or customers where Kofax Mobile Capture™ would automate and accelerate the submission of content and data to process engines, content repositories, workflows, or archives.

With Kofax Mobile Capture, you can:

  • Turn your Android device into an enterprise scan and capture app
  • Capture documents and photos
  • Add meta data to documents
  • Submit documents and data to corporate processes, archives or systems
  • Enforce business rules from corporate systems directly within the app
  • Centrally controlled and administered through Kofax Capture
  • Optimize images using Kofax patented VRS® image perfection technology
  • Capture business cards and convert the paper card into a vCard
  • Capture receipts and receive a searchable PDF
  • Capture a document and receive a searchable PDF
  • Easily customize, personalize and rebrand the Kofax Mobile Capture app for your specific mobile customer engagement use case with Kofax Mobile Capture SDK


  • sers are prompted to select a capture process which is centrally controlled by Kofax Capture or your backend systems
  • VRS running on the device ensures the document captured with the camera is of acceptable quality and process ready
  • VRS performs image analysis, deskew, cropping, and processing of the document
  • User can add additional pages or combine documents
  • If required, user will be asked to enter meta data or index values for the document or process
  • User submits the document
  • Kofax reporting provides an audit trail
  • Tightly integrated with Kofax Capture, Transformation Modules, and Front Office Server
  • Kofax Capture has integrations to over 100 back end systems and repositories
  • All jobs, security, processes, and configuration is administered centrally
  • Easily customize, personalize and rebrand the Kofax Mobile Capture app for your specific use case with Kofax Mobile Capture SDK
  • Kofax Mobile Capture requires additional licensing for Kofax Capture.

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